IT Consulting & Staffing Services

TriJem33 Consulting specializes in helping businesses operate smoothly and achieve greater success by providing brilliant and topnotch technical talents.

We pride ourselves by being responsible in helping business and product owners build a more robust technical solution by providing resources who are equipped with excellent professional experience. We bridge businesses with equitable and like-minded individuals to help their product become a success. We will partner with organizations in finding these rare gems who will help turn their vision into reality.

We bring a difference of proven network and flexible workforce solutions. We will help companies find the right skills and provide them with permanent or temporary staffing services, depending on the project needs. We have streamlined our recruitment process to find the best fit for any company culture. We tailor fit our staffing services to meet and even exceed business needs, giving our clients time they need to focus on running the business as we undertake the task of identifying the right candidates for the job.

We have worked on minimizing our costs in order to give the best possible rate, thereby attracting the best talents at no extra cost to the client. We comply with contract stipulations, insurance requirements, and government regulations. We have a solid back-end office that is powered by an experienced and growing team, aimed to make any transaction as smooth as possible for our clients.

We are proud to be NYC M/WBE certified. We provide the right people who have a high value for work ethic and will assist clients in every stage of their product vision. Whether it’s about helping small businesses set up an A+ team, advancing and developing solutions that will help revolutionize business, or finding the perfect fit for either long-term or short-term technical projects, we’ll be there – every step of the way.

Allow us to partner and embrace change together.

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Areas of Expertise


We specialize in coordinating, planning and executing projects according to specific requirements and guidelines from clients. A project's success relies on a particular combination of technology, risk management, processes and people. It is our aim to help businesses save time and energy as we take on the work of coordinating processes to implement their technical ideas. We will execute some or all of the activities related to project work, from different approaches or strategies to completion. Whether traditional waterfall, agile, or a combination of both methodologies, we have the best talents to suit your business needs.


We help businesses in finding any technical resource who can assist in crafting solutions for different projects. We will tap into our network of IT resources who can help architect the best solutions suitable for the requirements. We can also help larger businesses who are in need of systems integrators to perform integration tasks and end-to-end solutioning. We have a pool of experienced database administrators and cyber security personnel, depending on the expertise that the client needs. Knowing that a robust system is only as good as the people who solution them, it makes a difference in finding resources who are able to do what is right for the client’s best interests.


The only thing that can separate an app from the rest is a great user experience. We are backed with over 20 years of extensive UX/UI design work experience, and we understand the power of a good user interface design. We are known to craft simple, elegant, usable experiences and interactions for high-profile international brands. We can also help you find resources who will design mobile or web user interface using your branding, build prototypes, wireframes and perform usability testing for any app. We can also provide consulting services on per project basis, delivering excellent value to our clients at a fraction of the cost of retaining a full UI/UX designer.


Hardware implementation and setup is one of the most crucial aspects of developing a technical product. There are plenty of things to consider that may be beyond the grasp of a product owner like network bandwidth, load balancing, security, firewall administration, and hardware configuration. We can help in finding the best technical resource to help our clients with network infrastructure setup, server support, and LAN Administration. Having the right people to trust in enterprise setup, particularly nowadays when there are malicious attacks on applications, is extremely important. We can help find the right people.


Professional technical business analysts have the ability to turn any business need into a functional requirement that is actionable by those who are responsible to perform the tasks. We help our clients the best possible analysts who speak the language of the business. In the same manner, we look for adept report writers, data analysts, and data scientists who know the importance of the quality of information that business and project owners need for decision-making. Strategies can only be made as best as the information that decision-makers have on hand. We assist organizations in getting equipped with the technical resource needed to make timely, informed decisions.


In order to be sustainable, tech products need proper documentation. Whether an organization needs product documentation, online help, business process, user manual, training materials or something else, writing these documentations is a task best left for professional technical writers in order to be most effective. We specialize in finding the best technical writers who will help our clients produce clear and concise documentation for products and/or software while ensuring that various statutory requirements are met. We will help project owners find expert writers who ensure high-quality content are delivered consistently and on time for product releases.


Organizations developing technical products in desktop, web, and mobile environment need solid development teams in order to effectively create a working solution. We help our clients find their A+ development team, who are equipped to perform with their code of choice. We find talents who know how to be resourceful and those who will endeavor to do the right thing to achieve project success. We look for developers who are passionate and best fits the technology required by our customers. Syntax can be acquired but it is important to have the ability to think logically and execute development of great codes.


We will be your dedicated partner for software product quality assurance and control. With our experience in IT and applications testing, we have the knowledge and understanding that will cater to meet any type of testing needs. We assist our clients in finding the best testing resource depending on the project stage and needs: test case creation, test planning, benchmarking, usability testing, user experience, system tests, user acceptance, and data validation. Great application software testers help teams free up in-house engineers and cut down spending on training and tools. We help find the talent that will help ensure product quality assurance prior to launch.


Continuous maintenance and support of system is best given to expert individuals who understand not only the technology, but how to handle front-facing interaction with customers. We help businesses find the technical resources they need for day-to-day upkeep of their systems. We look for specialized support engineers and software maintenance personnel who understand our client’s business and is willing to provide +1 customer experience. We also aid organizations in looking for other technical resources that are specific to their project, in temporary or permanent position. We take pride in finding the best fit match between the talent’s passion and client project needs.