About Us

Founded in 2012, TriJem33 Consulting LLC is an NYC-based M/WBE certified IT support service firm headquartered in Staten Island. We started this company because we know – having experienced it first-hand ourselves – how difficult it is for diverse talents to find a staffing company who will represent them to find the best-fit matched organization where they can grow, improve, do what they are passionate about, and get the best possible rate for their technical expertise.

We want to be able to help individual professionals achieve their own dreams of becoming financially free and stable while fulfilling their passion. We have worked on minimizing our overhead so that we can pass a higher percentage rate to each individual talent in comparison to our competitors, without any extra cost to our clients. It is our mission to advocate for the betterment of each individual talent, match them with organizations who will value their expertise, and poise them for success. We endeavor to become a safe and efficient middle ground where our clients and candidates can meet and find out if they are a fit for one another.

It is our belief that by operating from a place of empathy and unwavering integrity, we will continually be inspired to ethically support the diverse and talented pool of hopeful professionals while providing excellent value to our clients.

Our Mission

IT Talents. To provide an efficient avenue for authentically matchmaking IT professionals to their passion and dream projects for success.

Organizations. To provide value to organizations by finding the best IT project resources, complying to regulations, providing no-hassle administration, and giving +1 customer experience.

Community. To ethically represent diverse IT workforce, advocating for the betterment of the individual, and helping to lessen wage gap by compensating with market rate commensurate with experience and regardless of race, gender, or age.


Our Vision

TriJem33 Consulting aims to become a leading provider of IT Staffing solutions to government institutions, corporations, and small businesses. It is our mission to improve the whole staffing experience for both talents and clients, alike.

We would inspire our talents to become the best versions of themselves and strive to improve through constant learning and continuous pursuit of professional goals. We would provide a nurturing environment that would allow them to thrive and know that they are valued members of the team.

We will do what we understand to be the best for our clients with utmost care and uphold the highest standards of work ethic. We will be responsive to their needs, communicate transparently, and comply to the business rules and standards.

At the end of the day, we would like to be able to make an impact to our society by doing our part in lessening the wage gap, and giving back to our community.

Our Values

Diversity. We embrace diversity and respect everyone equally as part of the human race. We welcome diversity, which open doors that allow us to look at situations with different perspectives. In the same manner, we support inclusion knowing that each idea is objectively important in birthing better solutions.

Love of Learning. We would love to foster love of learning and continuous improvement of professional and creative skills. We believe that all situations are opportune moments for learning something new, developing creativity, and moving towards becoming a better individual.

Efficiency. We advocate for efficiency in all things, making minimum amount of waste, particularly in time and resource management. We promote developing organizational life skills that will help identify processes that could still be improved in effectiveness. We adhere to respecting people’s time, which is a most valuable resource.

Ownership. We believe in having a great sense of responsibility and accountability. We believe that each person’s capacity for greater accomplishment is proportionate to the degree of ownership exerted towards a project, whether personal or professional.

Excellence. We would like to inspire people towards excellence and achieving the best that they can be. We know that at the end of each mission accomplished is joy that gives strength. Whether for individual satisfaction, common good, or glorifying a Higher Being, let an impeccable work ethic and desire for excellence drive everything we do.

Join Our Team


Our goal is authenticity in matching our talents and clients. In trying to achieve this goal, we have streamlined our process to make sure we account for our client’s interests, projects, industry, work culture, and technical requirements. Then we look for a match with our talent’s passion, background, experience, personality, and specific personal requests. We score the matching pair accordingly. We believe that this process sets both party to greater success and productive, professional relationship.


We don’t just send you to the field for project work assignments and leave you there; we are invested in growing with you. We will help you formulate and setup reachable goals in order to improve professionally and move up into your chosen career. Whether you desire to continue being a technical contributor in your field of work, or choose to move more towards a management career – we can assist you in crafting a workable plan for your success. We would love to see you grow and achieve all your professional goals.


Part of our process is to ask our talent for their desired compensation, taking into account the annual compensation commensurate to their professional experience, yearly hours of work, sick/personal/holidays, and 401K contributions. We will make sure that these are accounted for and submit our talent’s qualifications only to opportunities that match. We make sure that the rate the is within the compensation recommended by prevailing wage by authorized labor institutions.


As part of our full staffing service, we will help our talents create a list of recommended, individualized training track for professional growth. We will also help personal development by providing access to self-help resources for learning beneficial life skills. We also crafted a support program that we have formulated through our vast years of experience as migrant workers in the US, which will help in giving talents the information they need to navigate through taxation, finance, investing, and others.


We believe in giving individual appreciation to excellent performance. As part of our feedback loop with clients, we will be providing incentives to talents who are doing exceptional service and giving +1 customer experience. We are here to support our tech resources not only in the professional arena but also in giving encouragement to life and providing support where needed. We give out gift cards, thank you cards, service awards, and certificates to individuals who reach our work milestones.


We are here for our talents! We have an open-door policy and encourage our employees to reach out and talk to us about their concerns. The way we work is advocating for transparent and open communication that allows us to handle issues even before they become problems. We provide a listening ear to make everyone feel heard and validated. We care for our talent’s well-being and advocate for the betterment of every single individual, both professionally and personally.