Our Story

TriJem33 Consulting LLC is an NYC-based M/WBE certified IT support service firm headquartered in Staten Island. We started this company in 2012 because we know – having experienced it first-hand ourselves – how difficult it is for diverse talents to find a staffing company who will represent them to find the best-fit matched organization where they can grow, improve, do what they are passionate about, and get the best possible rate for their technical expertise.

We have worked on our business model, streamlining overhead costs, allowing us to get out of the vicious staffing firm mark-up and pass a higher percentage rate to each talent compared to other businesses. This allows us the opportunity to secure the best possible resource at no extra cost to our clients.

We want to help do our part in closing the wage gap, particularly in terms of being a minority and/or a woman professional. We advocate for rates solely based on technical skills and capability, rather than race or gender. We endeavor to become a safe and efficient middle ground where our clients and candidates can meet and find out if they are a fit for one another.

We firmly believe that now is a great time to partner with us in this business because of the growing need for diversity, inclusion, and equality. Diversity allows us to hear many voices and opinions coming from all perspectives. Inclusion allows us to listen to those ideas and incorporate them to our lives so that we can make things better. All ideas, talents, and people are equally important because ultimately, we all belong to one race: human race.

Our Working Principles

Authenticity. We are committed to staying true to the professional experience and background of our talents. We will not alter resumes that cannot be backed up with proper checks. In order to ensure productive and lasting professional relationships, we are willing to let go of opportunities if it is not a match for both our client and our talent.

Ethical. We adhere to our high moral standards of conducting fair and honest business with everyone we work with. We believe it is never worth exploiting any one person or entity for gain. We endeavor to be always fair and transparent with our dealings not leaving with negativity in conversations and negotiations.

Empowering. We have a goal to leave a positive impact and empowering experience to our clients whenever we meet. We would like to make sure they are heard. We aim to know their requirements, requests, pain-points and problems. Their input will always be the basis for crafting our solutions.

Giving Back. One of our missions is to contribute to our society’s goal in lessening the age, gender and race wage gap by negotiating the best compensation possible, commensurate to the IT professional’s experience, skills, and talents, and regardless of age, gender or race. We endeavor to give back to our community through volunteer efforts and donations.

Our Differentiators

  • We are a turn-key staffing solution, powered with our solid back-office framework.
  • Onboarding new partnerships is a defined process that requires minimal effort.
  • We have an experienced team that is poised to grow with client demands.
  • Our team is adept at ensuring that policies are enforced and complied upon.
  • We comply with contract stipulations and client requirements.
  • We are fully insured and certified NYC M/WBE (pending Empire State M/WBE).
  • We consistently provide value to organizations, delivering excellent resources.
  • We have a specialized niche of IT professional talents.
  • We provide end-to-end recruitment process for our clients.
  • We partner with industry-standard background check solution to vet our talents.
  • We send administrative documentation and paperwork in a timely manner.
  • We conduct I-9 verification within labor stipulations.
  • We invoice properly and adhere to a no-hassle administration policy.
  • Our team endeavors to be highly responsive and committed to our client’s success.


Our Offerings


Our goal is authenticity in matching our talents and clients. In trying to achieve this goal, we have streamlined our process to make sure we account for our client’s interests, projects, industry, work culture, and technical requirements. Then we look for a match with our talent’s passion, background, experience, personality, and specific personal preferences. We score the matching pair accordingly. We believe that this process sets both party to greater success and productive, professional relationship.


With our combined 40+ years of experience in the global IT industry, we specialize in professional IT staffing covering both highly technical and creative-tech job requirements. We are adept at finding the best candidates in the market for any given tech positions. We have worked in luxury fashion, e-commerce, multimedia, utility, health, financial, education, and engineering sectors. We understand the language of the business and the technical folks required to handle tasks and deliver the solution.


We deliver the best value for our client by doing the time-consuming hard work of finding the rare gem needed for their team. We try to understand the culture of the team, professional requirements, and the general idea on what needs to be delivered. We take care of the nitty-gritty of job posting, screening candidates, performing background checks, conducting technical interview, and scheduling appointments. Our clients only get the candidate with the best matched rate for their consideration.


We work on creating a specific job pool for each client request. This ensures that we are polling the best matched candidate for our customers. All client intangible requests are taken into consideration to ensure that our talents are well-equipped to deliver what is expected, with excellence. We stay authentic to the technical expertise & experience of our talents and submit the qualifications of those who will passionately contribute to the success of our clients, for a longer, more productive, and professional relationship.


Whether there is a need for a permanent hire or temporary placement, we are here to help. We provide a great return on investment knowing that talents are the company’s best resource. We have created a time-triggered feedback loop with our clients and talents alike, to see if there are rooms for improvement, and ways we can make the experience even better for both parties. With an open door of communication, our aim is to make sure that we provide +1 customer experience and +1 employee satisfaction.


We partner with an industry-standard, compliant, and award-winning background checking solution to vet the talent’s educational and professional qualifications. Depending on the client requests, we can further conduct reference checks as needed. Our goal is truthfulness and authenticity in the qualifications submitted to our clients, ensuring the greatest possible rate of success in delivering quality, excellent solutions by our technical resource. Most candidate verification results come out pretty quickly.